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Dundee Park
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Facility Information

79 Presumpscot Rd
Windham, ME 04062
Phone: (207) 893-2415

2021 General Information

Dundee Park is a wonderful resource for the residents of Windham, particularly those with small children. The park has an attractive beach and picnic area with outdoor grills located in a picturesque and unspoiled site along the Presumpscot River. The sheltered spot and calm water make it an ideal spot for young children to play and swim and for neighbors to meet and socialize. Basketball and volleyball courts are also on the premises.

Park managers reside on the park grounds and are supported by a staff of park attendants and community volunteers. Please say hello and introduce yourselves to them. Due to COVID19, lifeguard certification courses were not available throughout 2020, so there will be no lifeguard coverage at Dundee Park this summer and children must be supervised by their parents. We will be working to get interested candidates certified for the 2022 season. Experienced swimmers will enjoy the float for jumping and diving. For safety reasons, those wearing life jackets are not allowed to swim over their heads.

We are proud of our park and want to keep it beautiful and safe for all to enjoy! You can do your part by reading and obeying our rules. We also encourage you to let the staff know if you see any problems or have any suggestions. Your input is greatly appreciated in our continuing effort to improve Dundee Park.

There is a basketball court, volleyball court, fishing dock and a floating dock at Dundee Park. Bathrooms, soda machine and BBQ grills are available for visitors and there is no drinking water or concessions at Dundee so please provide your own. 

This summer, a new playground will be added to Dundee Park for visitors!

2021 Covid-19 Updates
To help control the spread of coronavirus and protect the health of visitors and staff members please:

  • Stay home if symptoms are present.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other park visitors and staff while in the park and in the water.
  • Visitors are required to wear a mask when interacting with other visitors and park staff until state guidelines state otherwise (free masks and hand sanitizers are available throughout the park).

2021 Hours of Operation and Rates

Hours of Operation:
     May 29 - June 13 (open weekends only): 10:00 am -  6:00 pm
     June 14 - 27: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
     June 28 - Aug. 18: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
     Aug. 19 - Sept. 5: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
     September 6: Closing at 5:00 pm
     September 7: Closed for the season

Daily Admissions:
Windham Residents:                   
          Adult: $5.00                                 
$3.00 (ages 2-11)                   
           Adult: $6.00
          Kids:   $4.00 (ages 2-11)
All Seniors (55+)
: $4.00
After 5:00 pm:
          Adults/Seniors (55+): $3.00
          Kids: FREE

2021 Season Pass Information & Policies
A season pass allows families with 15 passenger max. vehicles unlimited visits during the season. Purchase a season pass sticker at the Parks & Recreation Office, at the park when open at the Gatehouse or Boathouse, or online at: Season Passes are not intended for Community Groups, Day Camps, Day Care Groups or reservation payments.
Windham residents may request an additional pass for a household with multiple vehicles;  non-residents may request a second pass at half price for a household with multiple vehicles.
Veterans & Active Military: - Same as senior rates but must purchase pass in person to show Military ID.


     Windham Residents Single Car Household: $60   
     Windham Resident Double Car Household: $60
     Windham Seniors Single Car Household: $40
     Windham Seniors Double Car Household $40

     Non-Residents Single Car Household: $75 
     Non-Residents Double Car household: $112   
     Non-Resident Seniors Single Car Household: $55
     Non-Resident Seniors Double Car Household: $82

Season Pass Policies:

  1. Season pass stickers may be purchased at the parks and recreation office, at Dundee Park’s Gatehouse or Boathouse, or online (pick up sticker pass at office or Dundee if purchased online. Proof of payment is required).
    1. Veteran/Military season pass(es) must be purchased in person at Dundee Park or the parks and recreation office to show proof of Military ID.
  2. Season pass allows families with 15 passenger max. vehicles unlimited visits during the season. 
  3. Windham residents may request an additional pass for a household with multiple vehicles; non-residents may request a second pass at half price for a household with multiple vehicles.
  4. Sticker pass must be put on the front left side of your car windshield.
  5. Attendant may check any pass holder ID for any information that does not match. Pass will no longer be valid if discrepancies are found.
  6. Season pass cannot be used for reservation payments.
  7. Passes cannot be transferred or given away at the end of the season.
  8. Season Pass may be refunded on a case-by-case basis and prorated based on the number of park visits.
    1. No cash refunds and all refunds are handled through the Parks and Recreation Office.

2021 Reservation Information & Policies
Reservation Areas 
      Beach Pavilion
      Grove Pavilion
      Picnic Area

Reservation User Agreement

  1. Users are required to follow all park guidelines and beach rules. 
  2. Follow Dundee staff directions.
  3. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times, even when lifeguards are on duty.
  4. Due to COVID19, lifeguard certification courses were not available throughout 2020, so there will be no lifeguard coverage at Dundee Park this summer. We will be working to get interested candidates certified for the 2022 season.
  5. Please leave Dundee Park promptly at closing time.
  6. To cancel a reservation, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 892-1905 (M-F) or Dundee Park at 893-2415 (S-S).

Reservation Policies

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age to make a reservation.
  2. Reservation requests may be made online at or a printable reservation request form is available at Dundee Park, the Parks and Recreation office and online.
  3. Must have 20+ people to make a reservation and to receive the $3 group rate, unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  4. Making a reservation request does not guarantee your reservation until approved by the Parks and Recreation Department and the $60 deposit has been paid (for private groups).
  5. Reservation requests must be submitted 72 hours in advance of the desired reservation time. We cannot guarantee a reservation request will be considered if submitted after 72 hours.
  6. If space is available, a reservation for Saturday or that Sunday (made that day) may be made at Dundee with a deposit.
  7. Season pass(es) cannot be used for reservation payment.
  8. Groups
    1. Private Groups
      1. $60 deposit is required after reservation request is approved by the Parks and Recreation Department (first 20 people are paid for with deposit and any additional will be $3 per person).
      2. Groups with more than 20 people; upon arrival the gate attendant will hold a debit/credit card. See gate attendant when leaving the park to confirm group numbers, pay balance and return debit/credit card.
    2. Public Groups (rec. camps, group homes, etc.)
      1. Will be invoiced after visit.

Reservation Rain Date Policies 
  1. Public groups may pick 1 rain date for the season.
  2. Private user groups may be approved for a rain date on a case-by-case basis pending availability.

Reservation Cancellation & Refund Policies

  1. For cancellations call the Parks and Recreation office, M-F at 892-1905. (During a weekend reservation, for cancellations after 4 pm on Friday call Dundee Park at 893-2415.)
  2. Dundee will call user(s) if Dundee closes due to weather.
  3. For reservations cancelled by the user 72 hours before the reservation, 100% of the deposit will be refunded, minus the processing fee.
  4. For reservations cancelled because of park closer (due to weather or unforeseen circumstances), contact the Parks and Recreation office for a refund or to reschedule reservation. 100% of the deposit will be refunded, minus the credit card processing fee, if the reservation cannot be rescheduled.
  5. Deposit refund cannot be guaranteed if user does not cancel 72 hours before reservation.
  6. No cash refunds.
  7. All refunds are handled through the Parks and Recreation office.

2021 Rental Information and Policies
Boat Rental User Agreement
  1. Driver’s license will be left with the staff member on site until equipment is returned.
  2. Life jacket must be worn at all times by all rental users.
  3. Renter will be responsible for the condition of the pedal boat, paddleboards, canoe, life jackets, and paddles that have been assigned to use, and will return all equipment undamaged after us.
  4. Renter will use the equipment appropriately with no horse play while on the Presumpscot River.
    1. No standing, rocking, or tipping the boat.
    2. Paddleboards are not swimming platforms.
  5. Renter is responsible for any and all damage to the equipment used, including possible replacement as determined by the Windham Recreation Department.
  6. Please stay in sight of the beach.
  7. Renter will not leave any trash behind in the river, the boat or at the park.
  8. Renter will respect other paddlers on the river.
  9. Renter understands there will be no jumping or diving from the boats.
  10. Please be considerate of private property. Renters may not dock park boats on any property except Dundee Park.
  11. Renter will pay for any damaged, lost or broken piece of equipment.

Rental Policies
  1. Must be at least 18 years of age to rent or loan any equipment.
  2. Pedal boats, kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards are available to rent at the Boathouse for a $5 per hour fee.
  3. Volleyballs, basketballs, horseshoes, life jackets, Bocce Ball, Ladderball and Cornhole are available to loan at the Boathouse.
  4. Driver’s license or car keys must be left with the staff member until equipment is returned.
  5. Rental fee is $5 per hour or any portion of an hour (paddles and life jackets are included).
  6. Renters must check in after every hour to see if there is another renter wanting to use the boat before taking it for another hour.
  7. Waiting lists are put in place on busy days. If you are added to the waiting list, you are responsible to check in at the Boathouse to see if the boat is available.
  8. Motorboat is for staff use only.
  9. Renters are responsible for rented equipment and will be charged for any equipment that is lost or broken/damaged. Price list for lost or broken equipment:
    1. Life Jacket: $16.00
    2. Basketball/Volleyball: $20.00
    3. Paddle: $30.00
    4. Bocce Ball: $40.00
    5. Ladderball: $$25.00 per ladder / $5.00 per bolas
    6. Cornhole: $75.00 per board / $5.00 per bag
    7. Canoe: $400.00
    8. Kayak: $400.00
    9. Pedal boat: $400.00
    10. Paddleboard: $600.00
  10. Rental purchases may be refunded on a case-by-case basis.

2021 Park Policies
General Park Policies
  1. All park visitors must check in at the attendant booth before entering the park.
  2. Visitors are required to follow all park guidelines and rules listed below.
  • NO tobacco or e-cigarettes
  • NO pets
  • NO alcoholic beverages or drugs
  • NO unsupervised children under 12 years
For Your Safety and the Safety of others, Please DO NOT:
  • Bring glass containers to the beach
  • Throw sand or rocks
  • Feed or chase the ducks
  • Chicken fight or rough house
  • Use foul language
  • Bring boats into the swimming area
  • Swim outside the buoy lines or hang on the buoys or lines
  • Block the line of sight of the lifeguards with tents or umbrellas
  • Leave trash or your belongings on the beach 
  • Use regular diapers on your child in the water, only swim diapers are allowed
  • Turn your music up so loud that it disturbs other visitors
While on the Float, Please DO NOT:                            
  • Do flips, run or push off the float
  • Swim to the float wearing a lifejacket unless you have an adult with you
  • Swim under the float - It is off limits!                                    
  • Block the ladder or jump off it                                  
  • Bring non-wearable flotation devices onto the float 
  1. All visitors must take trash home with them. On-site dumpster is for employee use only.
  2. Bathrooms are available for visitors.
  3. Soda machine is available for visitors.
  4. BBQ charcoal grills are available for visitors to use.
    1. Visitors must supply their own charcoal.
    2. Clean grill after use.
    3. Do not pour water on hot coals. Please leave them for the park attendants to clean up.
    4. Visitors may bring their own grills into the park.
  5. No drinking water available; please provide your own.
  6. No concessions or food for purchase.
  7. Visitors may bring canoes or kayaks, no motorized water boats, but must keep them outside the swim area.
  8. Boats are not permitted to be launched at the opening by the gate entrance.
  9. Any flotation device is to remain inside the swim area.
    1. Non-swimmers wearing flotation devices are prohibited to pass the deep-water buoys unless accompanied by an adult.
    2. Large flotation devices are only allowed outside the marked shallow swim area.
  10. Bicycles are not to be ridden throughout the park or on the trails. Bicycles may be stored on the bike rack.
  11. Items left at the park will be put into the Lost and Found, located in the Boathouse. All items not claimed by the end of the season will be donated or thrown out.
  12. At times, staff members may be taking photos of Dundee Park and visitors to use as promotional materials.
  13. The Windham Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse services to participants if the administration deems necessary for the safety of the participant, other participants, or staff.

Parking Policies

  1. When the parking lot is full, cars may park on the right side of the road as if leaving the park.
    1. Enter the park, pay fee at gatehouse, pull ahead and unload, drive around the parking lot and park on the road.
  2. Parking is only permitted on one side of the road (right side when leaving the park) per fire and police regulations.
  3. Two bus parking areas on the road for bus parking only.
  4. Emergency vehicles must have access to the park at all times.
    1. Emergency vehicles will park just past the gatehouse on the grass.
    2. Do not block the roped off grassy area past the gatehouse. This is for emergency vehicles for access during an emergency.

Closing Policies

  1. Dundee Park will close during thunderstorms, when it is unsafe for visitors to be in the water due to E. coli or other contamination's, or when there is steady or heavy rain as determined by park managers.
  2. Park staff may close Dundee in the middle of the day when sudden rain or thunderstorms appear.
    1. Visitors must return to their vehicle during a thunderstorm and are not allowed to shelter under the pavilion or trees.
    2. There are no admission refunds if the park closes early.
    3. Kids are often left at the park with no transportation. If kids are not picked up within 20 minutes of the park closing, call the non-emergency police number for assistance for transportation.
  3. Message is left on the Dundee phone if the park is closed to visitors.
  4. Closings will be posted on Windham Parks and Recreation’s website, Facebook page and a message will be left on Dundee’s phone.



Take Route 302 South (at Routes 115, 35, 302 intersection).   0.3 mi
Right onto River Road (at the next set of lights).   2.4 mi                                   
Right onto Presumpscot Road (1st right after the roundabout at Windham Center Road).  0.07 mi


Take River Road North from Route 202 Intersection   3.6mi                                                                      
Left onto Presumpscot Road (last left before the roundabout).  0.07 mi
Straight on Presumpscot Road to end. Take a left on Dundee Park Road and follow to park.

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